Reply To: PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo


    IMO Quantum Turbo is so powerful it can collapse an entire behavioral pattern with one positive suggestion. The key of course is the crafting of the suggestion.

    Just today I helped a client end a porn addiction with one new belief. I also helped the same client collapse a “caretaking” behavioral program which is rather common in codependents again one belief and it was gone.

    Clicktracks and/or belief blasters are not necessary however, it is always a good idea to clicktrack down the emotions on a given problem. If one knows the negatve belief, it's absolutely a good idea to run it through belief blaster before a new positive belief is installed.

    Hi Brian,

    Can you share that suggestion you used with your client for pornography addiction? I don't really have a problem with it but every so often I feel drawn to it and then it kind of becomes one for me. That dopamine spikes I get are really bad for me for some reason. It messes with me too much in other areas of my life too, so I'd like to stop completely and be really done with it.

    Also, in your previous entry here you listed a couple of suggestions phrased in the negative sense like “I'm not going” or “I can't”. How effective do you find are they compared to the purely positive standard suggestions?