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    Hi, all…

    I struggle a bit with creating sentences that don't sound too 'feel good' / 'new age'. Funny since I'm often called the 'crunchy granola hippie' among friends and yet, just writing them down annoys me.  :P

    I suppose I could use one of my click tracks on that…  😮 ;)

    That said – I'm wondering with quantum if it's best to keep it how I really think since I feel there is a part of me that doesn't believe what I tell myself even though it sounds like what I *want* to believe.

    Examples –

    1) I quit smoking and don't remotely think of it (despise the smell, even) – except when I am around one friend. It can be 8 months of nothing, I see her and within 10 mins, I've taken one of hers. It's like there is a part of me that thinks “This is just what I do with her. It's what we've always done.”

    In addition to redoing the smoking program – how about using Quantum?
    ~~~”I stay smoke free, even around Becky”
    ~~~”I don't need to smoke just because I'm around Becky”
    ~~~”I want to smoke even less when I'm around Becky”
    ~~~”My health is more important than smoking just because Becky is”

    2) While I work out and eat right (90% of the time) and don't drink – I have an autoimmune disease that has made weight gains/losses a constant struggle (hence the diet/exercise). In just the last 10 years, I had gotten to a point of weight lifting / running where I had almost my ideal body. So I know it's possible. And I feel now like my body (because of my brain) is somehow keeping me from getting back to that point, yet alone to the goal I had set at that time to competing (true fitness model). I have pictures I use for motivation specifically for women over 40 (I'll be there in a few months! Whoohooo!). But a constant feeling of loss like I'll never get there again, my body just won't release the fat, build the muscle, etc.

    ~~~”I have the body and strength of the fitness models I admire”
    ~~~”I make choices for my best body yet in this life”
    ~~~”Every choice I make is with my strongest, healthiest body in mind”
    ~~~”My thyroid regulates itself so my body is fit and healthy”
    ~~~”It's safe for me to have a strong, healthy body” (Ok, that one is pretty new-agey! LOL)


    Final thought – I am aware of how long diet/exercise can take. Swimmer in high school, etc…so I don't expect overnight results or anything. But an autoimmune disease can take the puff right outta your sails when I have trained enough in life to know that “by now” I should've seen something different and it's not there. Not in clothes fitting, tape measuring, scales. My weight lifting goes up in some areas (and not others – COMPLETE opposite body parts of 10 years ago?!) but my body just seems to be stubbornly hanging on to the fat and not building muscle. “Nope, nope, we need that”.  And I eat correctly for lifting – can thank my autoimmune disease for that, at least. Only thing that keeps it in full check.

    Thanks to all!!