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Brian Tucker

In addition to redoing the smoking program – how about using Quantum?
~~~”I stay smoke free, even around Becky”
~~~”I don't need to smoke just because I'm around Becky”
~~~”I want to smoke even less when I'm around Becky”
~~~”My health is more important than smoking just because Becky is”

2) While I work out and eat right (90% of the time) and don't drink – I have an autoimmune disease that has made weight gains/losses a constant struggle (hence the diet/exercise). In just the last 10 years, I had gotten to a point of weight lifting / running where I had almost my ideal body. So I know it's possible. And I feel now like my body (because of my brain) is somehow keeping me from getting back to that point, yet alone to the goal I had set at that time to competing (true fitness model). I have pictures I use for motivation specifically for women over 40 (I'll be there in a few months! Whoohooo!). But a constant feeling of loss like I'll never get there again, my body just won't release the fat, build the muscle, etc.

~~~”I have the body and strength of the fitness models I admire”
~~~”I make choices for my best body yet in this life”
~~~”Every choice I make is with my strongest, healthiest body in mind”
~~~”My thyroid regulates itself so my body is fit and healthy”
~~~”It's safe for me to have a strong, healthy body” (Ok, that one is pretty new-agey! LOL)

The words that are in/coming out of you ARE THE BEST beyond a shadow of a doubt because you already believe them to some extent. All you need is more weight on them to really believe them. Enter PQT!

Here are some suggestions I just whipped up – These are more to show the “looping format” as Tim has suggested in this thread and the instructions.

Re: Smoking

Anytime I see someone smoke I think smoking was nasty now
When I see others smoke I feel glad I quit forever now
Everytime people smoke around me i remember I'm over it now
I'm done with cigarettes forever as I always feel amazing now
There's no reason to smoke as I'll never touch a cigarette again
When I want a cigarette I automatically tell myself no now

Don't worry about Becky, too specific (though that will work) keep it more general here for better results.

Re: Diet

It's ok to lose weight and look good as I always feel safe now
I lose weight faster than ever as I look better every moment now
I become stronger every day as I feel healthier all the time now
I always look amazing as I workout all the time now
I exercise more every day as I feel like I'm 20 all the time now
When I work out  every day I feel like the hottest thing around now
The more I go to the gym the better and younger I look now
Guys notice me when I go to the gym as I look amazing now

Ok – So you see the format there, let your imagination RUN WILD because the beauty of PQT is that your reality is limitless! :)