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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Haole88,

    Thanks for posting.

    Further to what Brian wrote, you'll “see it when you believe it.” So, as you tip the balance on the positive side and these changes take hold, it'll all become clear.

    The tracks will still work, even if the “how” and “why” isn't apparent to you.

    You see, we suggest things to ourselves most of the time. This is just leveraging that.

    When you smoke around your friend, it is just more evidence of classical conditioning. We have patterns around certain people and within certain contexts. You can certainly Click Track the urge to smoke around your friend, or any guilt you had about smoking around her.

    There is always a way with PSTEC  ;)

    I also thought your suggestions were “on the money.” A suggestion like “Becky and I are still cool, even though I don't smoke now” might be useful too.

    All the best,


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