Reply To: FML


    Wow what a reply thank you.

    I shouldve mentioned what tracks i have at the moment, the 2015 tracks, level 1 and 2, pstec negative and belief blasters. Currently am working with pstec negative as i had found it most useful at this moment it seems to get rid of some of the things around a theme or belief i work on.

    As i am writing this i just bought quantum turbo.

    Fml is a tricky one, without having the emotion of FML i can look at all the evidential memories and there is no trigger or emotions behind them as i have worked on them before, but soon as i get the feeling of FML i get taken down that rabbit hole of experiences that is connected to it. The loop that starts with the FML emotion has enhanced those memories and emotions.

    How specific does the things i want to work on have to be? Or can i have more of a generalization?

    I might have to put in more work on the postive side of things as i havent done any work on that yet just clearing out all the negatives.

    Thanks again for your post alot of things to ponder