Reply To: Spider phobia

Jesse Jacobs

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for the suggestion. Day 28, I bought and switched over to PSTEC 2015 Long track 1 (29 min).  I was planning on doing video, but once I played the track I had the instinct to test eyes closed memories and imagined fears. I started at 0 and ended at 0. During the track I tried as hard as I could to get a reaction by coming up with all different kinds of imagined fears as the memories were all 0. It's almost as if the original phobia thoughts were completely empty of meaning. I tried to create new imagined scenarios of tarantulas but could only get a 1 reaction.  The track was excellent!

    The free click tracks were excellent too, but in one use I can see and feel it is much more comprehensive. It is fantastic that you offer the free tracks to allow people to get a sample of the effectiveness of the program. People can quickly see for themselves first hand proof. 

    I will switch back to video tomorrow.  :)