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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      Jesse that is awesome. If you pick up the 2015 clicktracks just fire up the long 2015 track and go through all of those while you are tapping. You will be blown away!

      Jesse Jacobs
      PSTEC User

        Hi Brian,

        Thank you for the suggestion. Day 28, I bought and switched over to PSTEC 2015 Long track 1 (29 min).  I was planning on doing video, but once I played the track I had the instinct to test eyes closed memories and imagined fears. I started at 0 and ended at 0. During the track I tried as hard as I could to get a reaction by coming up with all different kinds of imagined fears as the memories were all 0. It's almost as if the original phobia thoughts were completely empty of meaning. I tried to create new imagined scenarios of tarantulas but could only get a 1 reaction.  The track was excellent!

        The free click tracks were excellent too, but in one use I can see and feel it is much more comprehensive. It is fantastic that you offer the free tracks to allow people to get a sample of the effectiveness of the program. People can quickly see for themselves first hand proof. 

        I will switch back to video tomorrow.  :)


        Paul McCabe
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Hi Jesse,

          Thanks so much for your updates, which are very detailed and well-written.

          I appreciate you sharing these, as I know that many people who read the forum do not post. Posts like yours further demonstrate what is possible with PSTEC (coupled with personal dedication, where appropriate!)

          It would appear you have totally resolved the phobia, and you will be the best judge of that.

          You may wish to make an “inventory” of everything else that bothers you – upset, historical traumas, grief, anger etc.

          Then you can systematically resolve those too.

          These are definitely tools “for life” – not necessarily that someone has to use them for the rest of their lifetime, but that they can resolve a lifetime of unwanted emotions, clear all traumas and enable you to extinguish any unwanted “emotional fires” that may spring up.

          I look forward to reading more from you, Jesse.

          Thanks very much for your graciousness and your dedication.

          Paul  :)

          Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


          Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

          Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

          Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

          Jesse Jacobs
          PSTEC User

            Hi Paul + Brian,

            Thank you for your instruction and support through the process! I agree I have cleared the phobia for memories and imagined. I am close to resolving the phobia completely for the remaining stages, of video, live, movies.

            Day 29 I CT'd 2015 Long 2 today using the youtube link above. I started at 1 and ended at 1. Throughout the CT I worked very hard to feel uncomfortable. I stared right up at the screen and would put my hand on the big spiders. Sometimes when the tarantula would jump in weird ways I might have got to a 2 or 3. But ended at 1. I plan to look at other videos as well. This was effective with the photos– I worked with same photos until 0. Then I opened up to hundreds of photos. I am close to this stage with video.

            Now I just need to finish each remaining stage of the of the program. Next I am looking forward to CT tarantulas at a pet store. I plan to get to the point where even if I see a surprise image suddenly I will have a completely neutral reaction. 

            I also want to finish this soon as I have a second goal. For me the spider phobia is symbolic.

            Thanks for everything. I will keep posting.

            Jesse  :)


            Jesse Jacobs
            PSTEC User

              Hi Paul and Brian, 

              I am making excellent progress. Here is my latest update from day 30 through 35. Quick summary: Video (0-2), Wrapper (0-3), Pet store live tarantulas (0). For those interested you can see the process unfold in detail:

              Detail Summary:

              Video (0-2)
              I continued CT 2015 long 1 & 2 of youtube video of tarantulas.  The main video I worked with was:
              “WATERING my TARANTULAS  (Part 3)  !!!”  Start 0, CT’d to 0. 

              Next I CT’d a bunch of random videos all around 0-1.

              Next I found this on the same channel: “FEEDING my HUNGRY TARANTULAS !!!”
              This has close ups of big tarantulas eating and squishing crickets. Pretty gross. Start 0. I CT’d several times to 0-2. 

              CT Wrapper + Video (0-3)
              Since the videos weren’t getting big response I decided to move on to the wrapper. My objective was to connect the totality of the phobia i.e a list of every thought, emotion, memory, imagined, live, and finally subconscious fears. Following the CT 2015 instructions I made a written inventory from my listed categories. Next I did the wrapper audio flashing every association on my list.  Then I did CT Long 1 after the wrapper. First I ran through the inventory eyes closed. After several minutes, I watched the feeding video as I simultaneously flashed the entire inventory I could muster in my mind. My goal was to think of every negative image, thought, feeling from every aspect from the list. Since I wasn’t getting reaction from the video I became aware that my mind began creating brand new bizarre strange surreal negative associations. It seemed my mind even began moving into aspects from my life of things that were good and attempting to create new phobic thoughts of things unrelated. This seemed to be an attempt to find some way to keep the phobia alive. Start 1-3 End 1-2.

              Pet Store Live (0)
              Today I went to a pet store. I did the wrapper before going in. There was a wall of six tarantulas that were so tiny they were almost cute. Since the tarantulas in the videos were so big and aggressive this was really anticlimactic. I CT’d looking very close up of 6 tarantulas in cages and scorpions and centipedes. I was nearly a 0 the whole time. Towards the end I stared right close as the tarantula rubbing its legs or pincers together as I worked really hard to feel the phobia by generating strange associations through the wrapper. I got up to a 2. But mostly I was just 0, which I found amazing.

              The program is working great! In my next post I will create an overview of my next steps followed by some questions.

              Thank you both! :)


              Jesse Jacobs
              PSTEC User

                Hi Paul and Brian,

                Here is my current score in all categories day 30-35:

                1) Memories (0)
                2) Imagined – Conscious)  (0)
                3) Photos  (0)
                4) Video  (0-2)
                5) Live (0) of small ones
                6) Hollywood movies (TBD)
                7) Imagined – Subconscious Associations from Wrapper (0-3)

                Memories, imagined, and photos are all 0. The feeding video is still getting some reaction, which feels more like disgust rather than phobia. My first attempt at CT live tarantulas was 0.  Since they were small palm size, I was wondering if the next step is to seek out and CT bigger live tarantulas. The wrapper allowed me to connect everything at once but also escalated subconscious associations. This triggered new crazy strange tarantula imagery which invaded positive associations to keep the phobia alive. After two days of the wrapper I had a dream where my whole body was made of all tarantulas! There was no me just tarantulas in the shape of a body! Ha! 😮 :D ;D (BTW I rarely ever dream about spiders, but have a fear that I will if I become lucid i.e. conscious dreaming. This is one of the bigger fears.) I sense an extinction burst on the horizon. I waited on hollywood movies because I sensed it might fuel my imagination which is the biggest issue. 

                What else? I noticed if I scored between 1-2 it was time to move to the next category. When hundreds of random photos were between 0-2 I moved to video. When video was 0-2 I moved to live. Moving to the next category would cause reduction in the prior category. Live was immediately 0. So that leaves more videos, bigger live (?), hollywood movies, and subconscious associations from the wrapper.

                I feel I am in a really great place. Could you offer some guidance on the next steps? When using the wrapper, is it best to CT the video while linking associations from the wrapper?  How far does one go to get to 0?  I went to a pet store but I am not going to the jungle looking for tarantulas. Do I need to let one walk on me at a pet store? How do you click then? Does one need to go this far? Also the giant insect sequence from King Kong youtube thumbnail has a man’s head disgustingly being gobbled by a giant insect. On the surface some of this feels like putting fuel on the fire. How do you balance getting to the root of the phobia without self generating new phobic patterns that in turn reinforce it?

                Thank you both for all of your advice.  This work is truly amazing!  :) :) :)


                Paul McCabe
                PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                  Hi Jesse,

                  Thanks for your posts and updates – thoroughly detailed and much appreciated.

                  It is worthwhile noting that, when removing a phobia, it does not automatically follow that a person will eventually like or want to spend time around the subject of the phobia (e.g. needles, snakes, rats etc.). With the various PSTEC tools, that is certainly possible.

                  With a spider phobia removed, you would typically just feel entirely neutral. You would also be able to respond appropriately to any perceived threats. You still keep all your knowledge.

                  You mentioned disgust, so you could certainly use this as a concept.

                  You might want to conceptualise “disgusting arachnid behaviour” or “things that disgust me” and run that through the Wrapper and then CT2015 Medium or Long. As far as movies go, “Arachnophobia” is meant to be quite visceral.

                  If it's a 1 or higher, you could keep going until it gets to 0, of course. You are the very best judge of that.

                  You would not need to seek spiders out now. There is no harm in that approach, but when the issue is resolved, you will not need to reconfirm it. You have already done a huge amount of work. If you sense there is a bit more to do, your intuition will guide you.

                  I hope that helps, Jesse.

                  Thanks, once again, for being so committed and for sharing your progress.

                  Paul  :)

                  Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


                  Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

                  Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

                  Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

                  Jesse Jacobs
                  PSTEC User

                    Hi Paul and Brian,

                    Thank you for your response, it was very helpful. I very much appreciated your suggestion to follow my intuition. I made excellent progress again.

                    Quick summary:
                    I decided to keep going. CT’d nightmarish imagined fears and Hollywood Movies. I at a 1-2.

                    Detail Summary

                    Day 35 Night
                    I went into a pitch black room right before sleep to CT 2015 Long 1 subconscious associations By definition if you are aware of something it is no longer subconscious. A better description might be a nightmarish associations. These have the quality of horror films rather than your everyday 'hey there is a big hairy spider on my shoulder', type of imagined fear.  I worked to run through crazy nightmarish associations to completely feel the fear as I stared into darkness. I felt an intense energy of fear as it raised to a 5 but as I settled into it, it felt very powerful. By embracing it I felt it releasing and giving me incredible energy. Start 3, During up to 5, End 1. 

                    Day 36 4th of July
                    I didn’t have much time on the holiday so I went back to the feeding video for a CT 2015 medium. CT 0 the whole time.

                    Day 37
                    I purchased a bunch of the systems, Belief Blasters, Accelerators, Quantum T, and Positive Secrets. I have been completely amazed at my progress so I wanted to fully explore the tools. I listened to the instructions from most of them. After doing so I decided to CT Hollywood movies followed by Quantum T which is a positive belief system rather than just eliminating a negative one. I CT’d 2015 Long 1 both Harry Potter and King Kong spider scenes. As I did it again I felt this incredible feeling as I felt the fear as much as physically possible. The scenes made me jump as they are designed to do. It was almost like the fear had it’s own power which began transforming as it flowed through my body. Start 3. During 5. End 1-2. Followed up with Quantum T using this new positive belief under 8 words ‘I feel safe and neutral around all spiders’. (Brian I went back and read your earlier instructions about Quantum, so thank you.)

                    Day 38
                    CT’s 2015 Long 2 of King Kong Insects. 0. Maybe 1, almost nothing. I played it a second time just to be sure. Then moved on to Lord of the Rings. Got up to 5 again, felt the fear, let it flow through me, felt almost a reclaiming of energy and power. Felt great after. Start 0, during 5, end 1-2. Felt a positive buzz afterwords.

                    Poof! Amazing! Almost there.  :-[ 😮 :) :D ;D

                    Paul and Brian thank you again,



                    Harry Potter Spiders
                    King Kong Insects
                    LOTR Spiders

                    P.S. There were a bunch of clips but these are the main ones.

                    Brian Tucker
                    PSTEC User

                      Write down 3-4 of the biggest most extreme beliefs you have about spiders e.g. “Spiders are scary”, “Spiders are dangerous”, “spiders will bite me” whatever they are for you. Then belief blast them – rephrasing the belief in past – e.g. “Spiders had been dangerous”.

                      Like any of the PSTEC tools, Belief Blasters works well with extreme worse case scenarios so a great belief to blast would be “spiders will kill me” and “spiders me” which ever of those options more ring true in the second phrase.

                      Let us know how you get on.

                      Jesse Jacobs
                      PSTEC User

                        Hi Brian and Paul,

                        Thank you very much for the instructions for Belief blasters. I did something simple to start:

                        Original Belief:
                        Spiders are scary
                        I am phobic of spiders

                        BB Revised to Past:
                        Spiders were scary
                        I was phobic of spiders

                        The first time I did BB the rephrase was easy to believe because I feel I am close to the end of the phobia. However, the instructions that the past rephrase was not true confused me at first. Was 'I was phobic of spiders' now not true? If it was not true then did this mean 'I am phobic of spiders?'

                        The second time I ran the BB track 2 I had a different understanding. It now seemed to be saying not only was the phrase not true now, it was never ever true. This meant, not only was it not true in the past, it was never true which means it never even existed in the first place. This means it was a completely and totally a false belief. Please let me know if this is correct.

                        I thought of using a more extreme phrase like 'spiders will kill me.' But my phobia had felt more abstract. I hadn't had the sense that a real spider was going to kill me. It had always been a strange abstract feeling of annihilation. I had this phrase: I am afraid of spiders will annihilate me. Rephrase past: I was afraid that spiders would have annihilated me. I wasn't clear on the past future tense would have— so I didn't use it yet. Can you clarify?

                        In addition, PSTEC negative 2015 long continues to be just amazing. I have been CT'ing the biggest spider scenes from movies one after another. There has been this extraordinary sensation when the fear transforms to a feeling of power.

                        Thank you both for your continued instruction. :)


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