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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for your posts and updates – thoroughly detailed and much appreciated.

    It is worthwhile noting that, when removing a phobia, it does not automatically follow that a person will eventually like or want to spend time around the subject of the phobia (e.g. needles, snakes, rats etc.). With the various PSTEC tools, that is certainly possible.

    With a spider phobia removed, you would typically just feel entirely neutral. You would also be able to respond appropriately to any perceived threats. You still keep all your knowledge.

    You mentioned disgust, so you could certainly use this as a concept.

    You might want to conceptualise “disgusting arachnid behaviour” or “things that disgust me” and run that through the Wrapper and then CT2015 Medium or Long. As far as movies go, “Arachnophobia” is meant to be quite visceral.

    If it's a 1 or higher, you could keep going until it gets to 0, of course. You are the very best judge of that.

    You would not need to seek spiders out now. There is no harm in that approach, but when the issue is resolved, you will not need to reconfirm it. You have already done a huge amount of work. If you sense there is a bit more to do, your intuition will guide you.

    I hope that helps, Jesse.

    Thanks, once again, for being so committed and for sharing your progress.

    Paul  :)

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