Reply To: Spider phobia

Jesse Jacobs

    Hi Paul and Brian,

    Thank you for your response, it was very helpful. I very much appreciated your suggestion to follow my intuition. I made excellent progress again.

    Quick summary:
    I decided to keep going. CT’d nightmarish imagined fears and Hollywood Movies. I at a 1-2.

    Detail Summary

    Day 35 Night
    I went into a pitch black room right before sleep to CT 2015 Long 1 subconscious associations By definition if you are aware of something it is no longer subconscious. A better description might be a nightmarish associations. These have the quality of horror films rather than your everyday 'hey there is a big hairy spider on my shoulder', type of imagined fear.  I worked to run through crazy nightmarish associations to completely feel the fear as I stared into darkness. I felt an intense energy of fear as it raised to a 5 but as I settled into it, it felt very powerful. By embracing it I felt it releasing and giving me incredible energy. Start 3, During up to 5, End 1. 

    Day 36 4th of July
    I didn’t have much time on the holiday so I went back to the feeding video for a CT 2015 medium. CT 0 the whole time.

    Day 37
    I purchased a bunch of the systems, Belief Blasters, Accelerators, Quantum T, and Positive Secrets. I have been completely amazed at my progress so I wanted to fully explore the tools. I listened to the instructions from most of them. After doing so I decided to CT Hollywood movies followed by Quantum T which is a positive belief system rather than just eliminating a negative one. I CT’d 2015 Long 1 both Harry Potter and King Kong spider scenes. As I did it again I felt this incredible feeling as I felt the fear as much as physically possible. The scenes made me jump as they are designed to do. It was almost like the fear had it’s own power which began transforming as it flowed through my body. Start 3. During 5. End 1-2. Followed up with Quantum T using this new positive belief under 8 words ‘I feel safe and neutral around all spiders’. (Brian I went back and read your earlier instructions about Quantum, so thank you.)

    Day 38
    CT’s 2015 Long 2 of King Kong Insects. 0. Maybe 1, almost nothing. I played it a second time just to be sure. Then moved on to Lord of the Rings. Got up to 5 again, felt the fear, let it flow through me, felt almost a reclaiming of energy and power. Felt great after. Start 0, during 5, end 1-2. Felt a positive buzz afterwords.

    Poof! Amazing! Almost there.  :-[ 😮 :) :D ;D

    Paul and Brian thank you again,



    Harry Potter Spiders
    King Kong Insects
    LOTR Spiders

    P.S. There were a bunch of clips but these are the main ones.