Reply To: Spider phobia

Jesse Jacobs

    Hi Brian and Paul,

    Thank you very much for the instructions for Belief blasters. I did something simple to start:

    Original Belief:
    Spiders are scary
    I am phobic of spiders

    BB Revised to Past:
    Spiders were scary
    I was phobic of spiders

    The first time I did BB the rephrase was easy to believe because I feel I am close to the end of the phobia. However, the instructions that the past rephrase was not true confused me at first. Was 'I was phobic of spiders' now not true? If it was not true then did this mean 'I am phobic of spiders?'

    The second time I ran the BB track 2 I had a different understanding. It now seemed to be saying not only was the phrase not true now, it was never ever true. This meant, not only was it not true in the past, it was never true which means it never even existed in the first place. This means it was a completely and totally a false belief. Please let me know if this is correct.

    I thought of using a more extreme phrase like 'spiders will kill me.' But my phobia had felt more abstract. I hadn't had the sense that a real spider was going to kill me. It had always been a strange abstract feeling of annihilation. I had this phrase: I am afraid of spiders will annihilate me. Rephrase past: I was afraid that spiders would have annihilated me. I wasn't clear on the past future tense would have— so I didn't use it yet. Can you clarify?

    In addition, PSTEC negative 2015 long continues to be just amazing. I have been CT'ing the biggest spider scenes from movies one after another. There has been this extraordinary sensation when the fear transforms to a feeling of power.

    Thank you both for your continued instruction. :)