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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for your post.

    When you do a lot of releasing in a relatively short period of time, some thoughts may pop up. These can be metaphorical expressions from the subconscious mind. This does not happen to everyone or on every issue, yet it can certainly happen.

    You refer to these as self-sabotaging, yet there will be some substance in them. Your sub always tries to keep you safe.

    Without knowing what the thoughts are, I recommend that you pay some attention to them. Notice the content.

    You can run them through the long version of CT2015, trying to feel what you feel when the thoughts show up. CT down to 0 or 1 and I expect this will take all the charge out of the thoughts/images.

    Feel free to share the thoughts here or PM me and then I can be more specific.

    With PQT, you could also layer in suggestions like “No matter what thoughts pop up, I'm safe”, “As I resolve these thoughts, the more I can relax now” or “I am perfectly safe to move towards my goals now”

    Please work through this and come back with an update.

    Best Regards,


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