Reply To: OCD

Brian Tucker

    Truman if you were bullied and called names in highschool where did that start did your parents tease you when you were little, did one of your parents bully the other one, did your parents shame you etc. bypass all that and THINK WAY BACK to the parents, also brothers and sisters when you were little.

    yes, my mom was and still do the namecalling.

    the thing is that she has a huge shadow and most of what she presents is a persona.

    her shadow is very angry, controlling and vicious.

    this shadow side of her destroyed my self esteem and confidence growing up.

    CT every last bit of that down to a 0 it's as simple as that. Especially CT the earliest memories of your mom being angry, controlling & vicious. If you have OCD, perfection, fear of mistakes these are conditionings you developed to survive in her world. When you CT what she did/does often times the patterns in you disappear.

    e.g. I CT how my father behaved at work and with others. All of it stopped in me 100% – this after I spent a load of time trying to just address it in me.

    Please let us know how you get on. Keep going you're awesomesauce.