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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for your post.

    Totally agreed with Brian. Also, I recommend writing down the criticisms that bother you. You could CT one criticism at a time, whilst you imagine this is being said to you in the harshest tone. You know the one.

    Sadly, some.people go through life believing, for example, “I will never amount to anything” because a parent told them “you will never amount to anything.” That can get reinforced and criticism is delivered with considerably more gusto than praise, warmth or encouragement.

    You are not alone, Truman. You are doing really well and thank you for working through this. It has a ripple effect.

    I recommend CTing any and all criticisms (even imagined ones) down to 0 or 1. CT so ALL the charge is gone. No words can ever wound you if you have already taken the charge out of them. This is REALLY empowering.

    In addition to this, childhood bullying can create all sorts of thoughts, emotions and beliefs. You might wish to meet this “head on” and see if the following beliefs resonate (and then put them into the past tense and “blast” them)

    “I'm not safe in this world”
    “People can't be trusted”
    “I'm a pushover”
    “I'm a loser”
    “People hate me”
    “If I am not in control, people will hurt me”
    “I'm not OK”
    “People are out to get me”
    “Life is difficult”
    “I'm powerless”
    “I'm weak”
    “What makes me safe is being dominant”
    “It is dangerous for women to be in control”

    I think, even if you had some of these, eliminating them would have a profound impact on you and your views on life, yourself and other people.

    Once eliminated, you could layer in some brilliant suggestions with PQT “I always had power and now I can relax”, “Mom's opinion of me doesn't matter now and I can still feel good”, “I'm unbelievably powerful and I feel that more every day now” etc.

    Hope that helps.

    Paul  :)

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