Reply To: Trying the new PSTEC tools

Brian Tucker

    Thank you for being brave enough to post your personal challenges here. I've personally experienced these same situations and resolved them with PSTEC so I understand and appreciate what you are going though. Feeling like you don't matter,  unwanted, ignored etc. are very normal issues though they can be very painful, especially in the context of intimate relationships. You mentioned neediness feelings – well your needs were probably (for sure) not met by your parents (whether you remember it or not) and so you are subconsciously replaying this in your present relationships in an attempt to get them met and will continue to do so until you resolve it. Neediness is absolutely NOT attractive BTW. Again, this is all very normal stuff. The difference here is you are aware of it and resolving it. Good for you!

    First I would suggest you take a big step back. Have a look at any feelings you have around “women are not safe, can't be trusted, are dangerous, I hate women” note the feelings and CT all of those to a 0. Give this a go with the long PQT. “All women are completely safe now I always trust and love” as you go through the track be sure to quickly loop the end to the beginning as it's just a big infinite loop.

    As it relates to the exhaustion – It's likely you have repressed anger and unresolved/incomplete grief around this situation. Go back to your parents and imagine not getting your needs met and get EXTREMELY ANGRY at them as extreme as you can imagine (think hissy fit, long rageful screams, physically hitting them etc) and use your inner voice to “get it all out” in your imagination. CT that down to a 1 or 0.

    After you have done this, then you will want to think back to your needs not being met by your parents. CT this to a 1 or 0.

    I could go very deep on this subject though I suspect this will get you moving in a positive direction on the matter you've described as you can start to see more of what is going on in you.

    If you don't have them already I would suggest you pick up the accelerators and 2015 tracks.

    Please continue posting your questions, what new things you discover as you progress and results in this thread and we can coach you along a bit. There are a lot of people who watch the forum but never post that can also benefit from what you are sharing. THANK YOU!