Reply To: Trying the new PSTEC tools


    Thanks for the detailed reply Brian.

    Yep the issues definately comes from my parents being both overprotective but also I feel not allowing me to speak or express my opinion, or disagreement.

    This stuff is definately more pronounced with women, definately alot of baggage around whether or not I get a reaction or if they notice me. As much as i've tried in the past I just haven't been able to be carefree about it. Todays PSTEC session was interesting around this but i'll post that at the end as it links in with other things you mentioned.

    Damn.. that's definately something I feel, that though i've been with alot of women that it's not 'safe' to really talk to them, or that something bad will happen, or rejection or whatever.

    I'll try the thing around my parents and anger soon, because todays session showed me how much anger was affecting me in ways I didn't even realize.

    I have the 2015 tracks, that is what I used today. I used level 1 for a bit first.

    So I listened to the intro and the whole wrapping thing lead me to think several of these things i've been working on are connected. Feeling ignored, ways women have acted, even one yesterday and that the connected emotion is anger. So I used the wrapper and started thinking of these. Times i've been rejected, or felt ignored, or women have acted in certain ways.. all that made me angry.

    During the clicktrack it got pretty strong. I felt like it wasn't shifting but then by the end something was different.

    And I had no idea how much the anger was negatively affecting me, what I did after the audio showed that.

    I went onto a dating site and messaged several girls I just refused to message before. Either because of their attractiveness, or that something in their profile just annoyed me so I felt kind of turned off. Well I noticed there was much less of that and I just messaged them, and that my anger towards more attractive women was stronger. After the clicktrack I noticed looking at their photos that they actually seemed more 'obtainable' to me.

    In the past i'd work on stuff around deservingness and such and noticed 'some' shifts, but not what I hoped for. But I had no idea how the anger, which come up pretty intensely was having a negative affect on that. I had no idea that anger was one thing making me feel undeserving. Very interesting.

    I'll do more on it the next few days. The intensity is enough for 1 day.