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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Dominance,

    Thank you for your update and for sharing your progress.

    As well as what Brian suggested, I would highly recommend checking whether you have these beliefs (say them out loud and see whether they resonate) and “blast” each of them with the 12 or 18 minute version of the Belief Blasters:

    “I'm not good enough”
    “I'm not important”
    “I'm not noticed”
    “I'm not attractive”
    “I'm not worthy”
    “I'll never get what I want”
    “Attractive women aren't interested in me”
    “What makes me good enough is being noticed”
    “I'm not deserving”
    “People will only let me down”
    “People will eventually hurt me”
    “People can't be trusted”
    “I'm not safe to be myself”
    “I'm not loveable”
    “I'm powerless”
    “If I put myself out, I'll be hurt”
    “There's something wrong with me”
    “I don't measure up”
    “It is dangerous for people to focus on me” (e.g. perhaps due to the bullying)

    Of course, remember to put these into the past tense before running the tracks.

    Eliminating any of these would be huge and, as you try to believe each belief, you may find the emotions coming up and clearing very quickly.

    With each of these, you may wish to immediately layer in a positive suggestion with Quantum Turbo. It does not have to be the exact opposite, but certainly something that will really be beneficial to feel and believe.

    For something like “people will only let me down”, something like “most people are good like me, and now I can notice them more now” might be very useful.

    For “I don't measure up”, a suggestion like “I more than measure up and am immune to harsh criticism” could be just what you need.

    If you believe “I'm powerless” and eliminate it, layering in “I have unbelievable amounts of personal power and can relax now” is bound to have an enormous impact on you.

    You could run down the whole list, even finding other beliefs too. Eliminating a belief and layering in a positive can be an incredibly powerful strategy. I've used this with clients and on myself and have been astounded by its effectiveness.

    Take care, Dominance, and please keep the thread updated with notes on your progress and for any questions you may have.

    Best Regards,

    Paul  :)

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