Reply To: Trying the new PSTEC tools


    Thanks Paul, I can already say most of them apply to me by just reading them unfortunately.

    The last one actually come up after last night a bit. I went out with friends and I did get alot or respect from guys, but some of the attention seemed wrong like this weird guy who I know from years ago always would be like “hey sexy” and 'feel up my boobs' as he said and similar things to that. Guys getting touchy feely like that I don't like, and I noticed this morning after going out there was some fear of 'it isn't safe because those things might happen'.

    Though I got alot of respect from guys, and time went quick because I chatted to a few guys I haven't seen for ages.. with girls it was kind of the opposite. Fear stopped me really talking to them, and a couple I did talk to just acted weird. Definately more baggage around girls.

    I'm gonna work on that today. The one problem is the fear that stopped me talking to them when it's there isn't big and obvious, it's just kind of numb and blocked to doing it.. I can't really bring up intense feelings of it. So i'll try to just focus on that.

    I'm going to use the wrapper and bring together all different situations where I want to talk to girls but this fear/blockage is stopping me and see how it goes.

    The thing is it's not always there. Like last weekend I was in the zone and my friend even commented “that's the best i've seen you on your game” and this weekend felt awkward and weird with girls. Unfortunately usually after those times I get past the fear and do it and it goes well then it seems to go downhill the next time, it's been a longstanding pattern.