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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Dominance,

    Thanks for your updates.

    Rest assured, every time you use the PSTEC tools, you will be making fundamental changes to your model of reality/mind model.

    Anger itself can stem from a sense of powerlessness and can create and be created by a belief like “I'm powerless.”

    I recommend checking a belief before and after running Belief Blasters. Say the belief out loud. To know it is really gone, it will feel completely neutral or even slightly ridiculous when you say it afterwards.

    If it feels even slightly uncomfortable saying it afterwards, I recommend running a shorter BB. This is rarely necessary.

    With something that has been labelled “approach anxiety”, the pattern is usually made up of a series of beliefs and conditioned responses. It is rare that one solidarity belief causes it all.

    If you work through what Brian and I suggested (no hurry at all, by the way), I expect you will experience some huge breakthroughs.

    You may also wish to check whether you hold the following beliefs:

    “I’m weird.”
    “I'm sleazy.”
    “I'm a fraud.”
    “I'm not natural.”
    “It’s wrong to show sexual interest in a woman.”
    “Approaching women makes me vulnerable”
    “It’s wrong to be attracted to women.”
    “My sexual desire is bad.”
    “If I am not perfect, I'll be rejected.”
    “There’s something wrong with me.”
    “To attract women, I have to be fake”
    “Women don’t want nice guys.”
    “Women don’t want to be bothered.”

    If you do, you can blast these all away and layer in suggestions that, if not the complete opposite (because that doesn't always make sense), truly empower you.

    For something like “I'm a fraud”, a suggestion like “I've so much flexibility in my character and now I feel accepted” might be just what you need.

    I cannot underestimate the power of these tools.

    Please continue to update us.

    All the best.


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