Reply To: Trying the new PSTEC tools

Brian Tucker

    Dominance – All of what you are describing is very familiar to me as I've been through those same feelings you are having. Take a step back – Give a belief blast – 18 min on “I hated women” and also “I'm wasn't loveable” then give a Long PQT on

    “All women are safe and ok now as I feel loved around women”
    “I'm completely loveable now as I love myself and feel loved”

    Absolutely anger will be pouring out as it releases. And it can be very powerful and extremely painful. You have some deep work to do to get rid of all this stuff.

    Be sure to listen to the short relaxing accelerator after you do this and the long at bedtime.

    Are you comfortable sharing what it was like living with your parents as a little kid? Conflict, divorce, abandonment, domestic fighting, abuse, rejection etc. High level is fine.

    Keep going and leave your details here. Thank you.