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AvatarBrian Tucker

2. What is the best way to clear this conditioning? Is it clearing the beliefs that prop it up, like knocking the legs out from a table? or is there more to it like a global or macro approach to the conditioning itself?


Go back to parents as far back as you can remember hit criticism hard w the CT. Get super angry at it, resentful, then take the leftover feelings to a 0 or 1. Do each parent and also the parents doing it to each other as you saw that.

Then possibly a PQT long track – belief:

– criticism is completely safe as negative opinions are always unimportant from now on
– when someone criticizes me I'm secure and unaffected as criticism doesn't matter now
– everything people ever said about me was completely false as I forgive them all now
– all judgement is always a false opinion that doesn't matter from now on

Come back and let us know what is left over, if anything.