Reply To: Forum Case Study – Avoidant Personality Disorder APD


    Thank you, James, for being so courageous to own this. I know that your honesty has and will inspire many others. It is a great example. The time is right for you, I sense. You will get this handled.

    And thank you for this also, Paul. I feel that you are right about the timing for me… I feel it's like Neo being unplugged in The Matrix: I can't go back, it's not possible now. At least I hope so.

    I´m very happy to be a part of the group, and again so grateful for all of your responses and support.

    Thank you Alphadogdevil –

    Ok so we have three all locked in. We will begin this week and it will be nice to see everyone's progress as they become themselves. Thank you everyone.

    Awesome. Exciting stuff!