Reply To: Forum Case Study – Avoidant Personality Disorder APD

Brian Tucker

    You are awesome and really putting it out there. Thank you so much for the feedback. Two things to keep in mind:

    1.) The way I have assembled this “approach” is in the format of a general DIY process to work through issues. There will be beliefs/thoughts/feelings/behaviors that resonate with some and not with others. One very important lesson I have learned though my journey and working with others is that often times working on just one belief at a time until it is “completely gone” can be a bit counter productive, even frustrating and paralyzing for some people. What I have seen deliver superior results is to instead work though a load of beliefs quickly. This more quickly weakens a bigger structure and will create a larger “tipping point” and collapse a larger belief structure. The reasoning behind this is because many beliefs are intertwined and support each others. When many are weakened to a point the entire structure will collapse.

    I will also say that I have found that when I first started working with belief blasters I used the 18 min version of the track exclusively however, I did find quickly that the 10 min version is extremely powerful! In most instances the 10 minute version can take out even the biggest beliefs but the key is one thing and one thing only. TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN to believe what you are saying is true. As long as you get to the end of the track and it's difficult to make sense of the statement you should be good. It will continue to release over time which is where listening to the short relaxing accelerator at the end of the session and the long one at bedtime makes a HUGE difference. Even sometimes it may take a few days for it all to release completely as you have pointed out in your feedback above. This is consistent with many other posts on the forum over the years.

    2.) When you read beliefs initially they may not ring true at that time. Yes this is normal with one caveat. Dependent on your emotional state at the time it may not ring true.

    A guy says “I never cry”. OK well now there is something more behind that. Perhaps there is a belief blocking that or perhaps you just haven't experienced something that would make you cry…yet…perhaps you're in denial etc.

    I have found many beliefs can lay dormant and buried until such time a situation arises that could trigger it. Or perhaps you are a person who for whatever reason does not feel their emotions – not safe, embarrassing etc. One example of this was when I was working on procrastination.

    Procrastination has big elements of perfection (ocd), fear of failure, fear of success and passive aggressive beliefs. Tim has mentioned a few times that procrastination is often driven by anger. Can you see in those how they have a load of anger, particularly the anger around failing, not being able to succeed?

    When I did the passive aggressive beliefs they had a tremendous amount of deep buried anger, even rage at points but when I read the belief it had little to no charge at all. Often times we are in denial! Shame is a perfect example. Shame is something few want to admit they have but it is at the core of so many issues, especially this one. Applying to the above #1 point previously, doing a few beliefs that did not have a strong charge was enough to weaken and collapse something much larger.

    3.) As you have noted other beliefs are popping up. These are a result of the accelerators. This is normal. As Tim says “go with it” It is strongly suggested you write these down on a piece of paper and keep track of them. They may show up in subsequent assignments. You may go ahead and address them as you discover them and cross them off on later assignments provided you have neutralized them already. Clicktracking other junk is totally OK too

    4.) The secondary purpose of this is to also clear out things to help you become generally more aware. As you go along you are going to have moments of major realization. You might wake up in the morning every few days and have major ah-ha moments of something HUGE that is causing an issue with you. Be sure to write that down and address it when you can as it will certainly take you to the next level of consciousness.

    Thanks and keep going!