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    I´m so glad to be involved with this – I am noticing such massive changes. Very keen to keep going, and I´m excited for the other guys too.

    Some points from your response:

    What I have seen deliver superior results is to instead work though a load of beliefs quickly. This more quickly weakens a bigger structure and will create a larger “tipping point” and collapse a larger belief structure. The reasoning behind this is because many beliefs are intertwined and support each others. When many are weakened to a point the entire structure will collapse.

    This is extremely useful to understand – I applied this yesterday (Saturday) as you can see in the previous post notes. As and when I feel able/it's appropriate, I will have “Blasting Days” like this. Today is a CT day – from various things which came up over the week.

    I will also say that I have found that when I first started working with belief blasters I used the 18 min version of the track exclusively however, I did find quickly that the 10 min version is extremely powerful! In most instances the 10 minute version can take out even the biggest beliefs but the key is one thing and one thing only. TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN to believe what you are saying is true. As long as you get to the end of the track and it's difficult to make sense of the statement you should be good.

    I have to admit I am almost fearful of not using the 18 min track to be honest – I still have a lot of resistance around just doing things for myself without being told to (multiple former lives as a slave, as far as I am concerned) – but I am about to use the Tapping Accel. and the 2015 long CT on a bunch of related stuff there, so let's see if I can make up my own mind about it and do what's right for me without waiting for the order/permission. Example: I was fine using the 12 min when instructed in exercise 1 from you, and fine to start at 3:30 for the same reason. I would have NEVER done that on my own… “not allowed!” is what my brain would have given me.

    … listening to the short relaxing accelerator at the end of the session and the long one at bedtime makes a HUGE difference.

    Yes, I am seeing this is true. Thank you for repeating this valuable information, it really is amazing. Things “bubbling up” much easily now, and I know that will continue as I keep using them more.

    Procrastination has big elements of perfection (ocd), fear of failure, fear of success and passive aggressive beliefs. Tim has mentioned a few times that procrastination is often driven by anger. Can you see in those how they have a load of anger, particularly the anger around failing, not being able to succeed?

    When I did the passive aggressive beliefs they had a tremendous amount of deep buried anger, even rage at points but when I read the belief it had little to no charge at all.

    A few things in here that really “got” me – passive aggression, fear of failure, fear of success. I feel very much I need to delve into those areas more and clear things out.

    As you described, when I read some of the beliefs from the exercise, little to nothing, but then when I get going with the BB, suddenly things come out. I feel I definitely have more to clear, but I´m not sure how to access it. It's well hidden I'd say.

    The secondary purpose of this is to also clear out things to help you become generally more aware. As you go along you are going to have moments of major realization. You might wake up in the morning every few days and have major ah-ha moments of something HUGE that is causing an issue with you. Be sure to write that down and address it when you can as it will certainly take you to the next level of consciousness.

    I am certainly feeling much more aware, and have had a couple of “AHA!” moments. Overall I´m just so grateful for your time and efforts here, thank you so much.

    Looking forward to hearing from Ed and Alpha, and to the next exercise. In the meantime, I will continue with my personal list and whatever comes to me.

    With thanks,