Reply To: QT with Goal setting

Brian Tucker

    Thanks Brian, those affirmations looks great…

    I have few thoughts and questions.

    I ran my previous confidence boosting affirmations couple of times, since I started this thread.
    Yesterday, at the end of the day, I used the affirmation and then I noticed I was seeing things clearly. Yeah I have issues with Eye Sight, I do spent lot of time in front of PC.

    Self Healing – If possible I want to run few affirmations on healing. Mostly Eye sight and Skin issues. I am taking medication and wondered if we can speed up the process. Has anyone done this kind of thing?

    About goal setting –
    In past, what I often did was, lose steam around 70-80% of goal completion. So I did some work on “Fear of success/failure” mostly letting go.
    Right now I don't think this fear has much to do with that. So I was thinking on using belief blasters and QT to get rid of issues… start from general idea (I do not finish my goals) to dig deeper on it.
    any more advice based on your experience?

    Side note: I remember reading your journal here on the forums… it was 20 something pages thread. I had few aha moments reading your thoughts. Now I can't find the thread. It was old thread. Can you give me the link?

    Few Goals Setting Affirmations
    Every Single Action is Aligned with my Goals.
    My daily process goals inspire me to action every day.
    When I follow my plan, positive things happen
    Everyday, I take firm action towards my goals

    About Releasing and Letting go… can I use my affirmations like
    I release all the fear of achieving my goals.


    My vision is focused now as I see clearly now
    My skin is ______ (healed, dry, clear etc) now as I feel now

    BTW I noticed when I did a lot of CT it did cause me to have blurred vision at times.

    Fear of failure is pretty straightforward. It's the fear of success you will constantly self-sabatoge on more times out of ten, especially if you have mistake, perfection, passive-aggressive, avoidance etc programming.

    Here are some good ones for you to build a solid base:

    It's safe to be a leader now I'm confident
    I'm a bold born leader now
    I lead with tons of confidence now
    I lead myself boldly now with persistent goals
    I always move quick to action persistently now
    I'm a persistent born leader now
    I always move quick to action now
    I'm a bold goal setter now
    I'm strong willed now with tons of confidence now
    I set bold goals persistently now
    I had avoided problems now it's safe to take action now

    About Releasing and Letting go… can I use my affirmations like
    I release all the fear of achieving my goals.

    ^^ This statement is too vague. Try “It's absolutely safe to achieve all of my goals now” “when I feel fear about my goals I remember to push through”