Reply To: QT with Goal setting


    when I feel fear about my goals I remember to push through

    I feel this one better.

    I am copying the affirmations you wrote and at try them out…

    as for an update… I can't say about Money goal based affirmation for now… so far what I can say is that there are no negative thoughts in my head about my goal (like… will it work or will I fail to hit 100% of my goal or stuff similar to that).

    but for confidence affirmation… I would say it's working. So far I am running it once a day.
    Before that… I noticed that around at the end of the day, I'd have to pump up my state to go thru the rest of the day.
    Now after using the affirmation… I don't have to. Also throughout the day, I feel more energized.

    I haven't done belief blaster as my dad fell ill and had to take him to hospital. Running around here and there for last couple of days… even with extra stress from hospital visits, I didn't fell into any kind of negative state… So far I am crediting my positive state to my confidence affirmation.

    I'll keep you guys update as I go thru affirmations daily.