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Paul McCabe
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    Hi SL,

    Great to hear from you and thanks for your post.

    Broken record here, but there are SO many ways to change with PSTEC.

    Broken record point number 2: EVERYONE is a work in progress, and your sub is serving up something else for you to resolve.

    What you experienced was unquestionably extremely harrowing for you so, as Brian suggested, use the Click Tracks on the emotions.

    The beliefs you have identified incorporate the emotion. When eliminating a belief, I find that it can pack much more power if you get straight to the cause.

    For instance, you're not looking to counter “I've been afraid”, as that describes  your emotional experience. You DID feel afraid. You are not trying to convince yourself you did not feel afraid. You are looking at the meanings you gave the events that led to the emotion being generated.

    Now, we could discuss this further, of course, but I recommend making the “being afraid” the focus of the Click Tracks.

    For the beliefs, I would suggest that the following type of beliefs may be contributing to the pattern:

    “Everyone I love will leave me” (BB “Everyone I loved left me”)
    “It is dangerous to get too close to a man” (BB the past tense)
    “If I give my heart fully, I'll be hurt” (BB “If I gave my heart fully, I was hurt”)
    “Life is unfair” (BB “Life was unfair”)
    “I am all alone in this world” (BB “I was all alone in this world”)

    Check whether these resonate with you.

    If they do, you may wish to come up with some counterexamples.

    For example, for “everyone I love left me”, you could counter with “most people I loved came back.”

    This is not an essential step, yet some people derive great benefit from this exercise.

    Certainly, for each belief which resonates with you, I would recommend running a 12 or 18 min Belief Blaster.

    Then, for each belief you eliminate, you can layer in a positive suggestion with PQT. It does not have to always the opposite of the belief.

    A useful one might be:

    “People can physically leave, and I can keep them in my heart” or even “I will always have love in my life now”

    Hope that helps, SL.

    Please keep us updated and, if you have any questions, please let us know.

    All the best,

    Paul  :)

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