Reply To: I can’t believe this! Amazing


    Thanks Paul!

    I don't even really know how I stumbled across PSTEC the other night.  But I want to spread the word to everyone I know. 

    As an update, it is now takes concerted effort to recall most specific events from the past relating to my mom.

    Also, there was no way to know the other night but I click tracked the first specific event that lead to my phobia of public speaking.  Today, I was called upon to get up in front of a meeting of about 15 people – all my superiors and I kept waiting for the nervousness – shaking knees, hands, and voice, tunnel vision, brain going blank.  And none of it came.  I felt quite comfortable…which is crazy.

    Still some more work to do on this, and the true test is when a presentation is planned in advance because then I have enough time to freak myself out.

    Paul, what program would you recommend I start with in addition to the click tracks?

    Thanks again!