Reply To: I can’t believe this! Amazing


    Thank you Paul! Quick question and an update.

    Does removing beliefs come with a lot of turmoil sometimes? Things have been absolutely mad lately. See below.

    1.  I cleared basically everything related to my mom a couple weeks ago in two sessions. Last night we had a 6 hour phone conversation and I laid everything on the line, was completely honest and real and fully opened up.  Then surprisingly she did the same. And I now have so much empathy. I never knew the things she went through in life and I can now understand and appreciate why she raised me how she did. So weird that so much anger and resentment can be completely cleared.

    2.  I used to have a terrible fear of public speaking and being in front of a crowd. Just this weekend I went to a magic/comedy show and to my dismay was called on stage as a volunteer. Normally in front of people my voice would shake, my legs would quiver, and my mind goes completely blank and dumb. This time though, I was scared to go on stage and didn’t want to. I was expecting and waiting for the debilitating nervousness to come. But it didn’t! If I say so myself I answered all the questions on the mic and behaved in a very graceful and smooth way. And there is video to prove it. I can barely believe it.

    3.  Just this week, and why I asked the question, I decided to resign from my miserable job and am taking a completely different, lower paying, but passionate path in life. I don’t know if this is related to pstec or not. But pstec is the only thing I have been doing differently in life.

    Seriously weird stuff.