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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Oliver,

    There can be so many different reasons for it.

    From speaking with other people, sometimes there is a complete paradigm shift when you truly realise what the other person was dealing with.

    So, we can build up this huge narrative about how someone is mean, cruel, discriminatory etc. Then, when you find out just what they had to deal with, it changes the game and you can see things in an entirely new way.

    This can also change the dynamic from “I was harshly treated”, “He/she wanted to hurt me” to “They absolutely did the very best they could under the circumstances, and just had not dealt with their pain.”

    That is one interpretation.

    Another one is that, as you CT and/or eliminate certain beliefs, you chip away at a metaphorical block of ice and start to re-sculpt who you really are.

    The other explanation is that we can change very quickly. We have that capability and that can be easier to accept when it is a negative change (like the effects of a bereavement or trauma), but it also works the opposite way too.

    Hope that helps, Oliver.

    Paul  :)

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