Reply To: How many sessions per belief?

Daniel Wynn

    Hi, good morning!

    I just wanted to ask, how many plays of the Positive quantum tracks should be done per belief, for optimal results?
    I have done twice with one belief and it feels very very good, I dont know if it is installed in my mind but I feel relaxed and as if I was in a trance, so to speak. So it seems to be working.

    Also, I would like some help with formulating a statement for my music related goals.
    I basically feel that I do not know enough in terms of mixing, production, composition and arrangement to create the music I want to make and it feels to me that, even though I do study and practice daily, I am always lost and always without a clue when it comes to making this type of music. I feel like there is something they know that I dont and that I dont seem to be able to grasp.

    Thanks, if anyone needs more info on this, I can provide that if it seems too abstract.


    Just to add in some advice if I may.

    Music creation is forever evolving, you will always have more to learn from it. Especially within the mixing aspect of music, there are so many intricacies and techniques that a producer can apply to get the desired results, its just having the confidence and knowledge to know what to apply and when, much the case less is better.

    With that being said, I think its important to realise you will never reach a point when you are “there”, because as long as your making music you will always want to progress, and that is the trick of music. A trick I might say you could well be stuck in, you just need to be excited you have more to learn and change perception. So it is perception and how you look at the situation. “I'm not good enough” is certainly not beneficial, and could hinder your potential.
    “I could be better” you could look at that in two different ways, it could be perceived negatively as in “I'm not good enough, I should be a lot better with this” which is obviously not beneficial. Or, it could be perceived as “I could be better, so what areas of music do I need to develop in order to progress”. Do you understand the ideas behind that?

    I mean I could be completely wrong here, but as long as history has been recorded I'm yet to hear of or read about a producer that hasn't been in a similar situation to you. The difference between you and them, is perception. And, that is why you are feeling the way you do. Do you not think Quincy listened to songs and said “Damn, I wish I produced that record, how did they get the guitars like that” or Dre hasn't said “Shit, the way that kick bangs. Thats the sound every producer dreams of”. By the way, Quincy was one of Dr Dre's biggest inspirations. Just Blaze summed this one up perfectly, I can't remember every detail, but he said something a long the lines of “get ready to make a lot of shit songs, I still make them.”

    The idea behind this logic doesn't discount the fact that music will get easier for you to create. I'm sure you will reach a point when you know exactly what compressor to use, or what EQ is needed. I don't know what music you make, or what set up you have, but I'm sure you will reach a point when you just know what the song needs. So change your perception now! You know enough now to make good music, have fun with it, be excited knowing that you will always have more to learn.

    Luckily you have access to some of the most powerful tools possible, no doubt pstec can help you progress fast, and get you into the right mind set right now. So you could well be dishing out better mixes than the ones you admire, sooner than you think! We are more successful moving towards pleasure than away from pain, so think of those songs that you hear as positive references against your own music, somewhere you would like to be in future.

    Final tip, the most important thing in music that so many producers/songwriters forget because they are chasing what is “Right”.
    Does the song have feeling, does it move you on an emotional level, forget chords/scales, plugins all that shit. DOES IT MOVE YOU EMOTIONALLY?

    Hope that helps!