Reply To: Stop Swearing

Eamon Doherty

    Hi click cat both Paul and Brian will know better than me but based on your information I'd say you should follow along those same paths that already brought you success.

    CT the feeling you have while cursing in front of your child get really angry with yourself for doing it, perhaps a couple of plays will be needed to fully lower the emotion all fine.

    Belief blast. I used to curse/swear in front of ……. ( Kids name)

    I couldn't control my cursing

    The f word kept suddenly flying out

    I couldn't stop saying f##k suddenly.

    After that you could layer in some positive suggestions with pqt.

    I can easily stop myself from cursing/swearing now as i feel really proud.

    even when i feel frustrated I no longer feel like cursing/swearing

    I feel really brilliant with myself for not swearing now.

    Hope this helps you a little all the best ??