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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Click Cat,

    Thanks for posting.

    Swearing is an interesting phenomenon, as it can seem automatic and involuntary. Often it can be socially conditioned, or generated based on the context. Ultimately, we learned these words, gave meaning to them and we can definitely de-condition the urge to swear.

    There are numerous ways you could tackle this with PSTEC.

    1. Identify your triggers

    You could imagine the scenarios where you typically drop the F-Bomb and, whilat running any of the Click Tracks, get really mad and use that opportunity to “let it all out.” Keep going until the desire to swear is diminished.

    Bonus – clear any guilt you might have about swearing in front of your child. Worse things happened at sea, so you might as well free yourself of that  :D

    2. Belief Blasters

    You could then run the following beliefs through Belief Blasters:

    “I needed to swear”
    “Swearing was cool”
    “It was impossible to stop swearing”
    “Swearing connected me to people”
    “Swearing was just part of me”

    This will likely lessen the compulsion to swear and just create more freedom of choice

    3. Quantum Turbo

    You can then layer the following suggestions with PSTEC Quantum Turbo:

    “All desire to swear is absolutely gone, as I react calmly now”
    “When I think about saying (F-word  ;) ), I choose another word”
    “Swearing is no longer cool around (your child's name) now”
    “I thought I needed to swear, but I was wrong”
    “I can still swear if I want, as it's a choice now”
    “It's just a word and I can calmly choose a better alternative”
    “I'm in complete control of what I say now”
    “I absolutely have so many choices in how I react”

    A combination of those approaches will surely facilitate you in kicking the F-bomb into touch. You can go all the way with this, or just remove the inclination to do this when your child is around.

    There are so many choices with PSTEC, and I personally don't clear absolutely everything myself. There are some things I prefer to keep.

    I hope that helps, Click Cat.

    Please keep us updated on this.

    All the best,


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