Reply To: Stop Swearing

Brian Tucker

    Thanks Ed, Brian, and Paul! Those are brilliant suggestions!

    Now that I'm thinking about this topic, an old memory popped into my mind. My father was a crude man who regularly swore in front of us kids. My mother was the opposite–a saint who never swore. I remember one day as a young teen having the  thought, “I swear just like my dad.” Then some yucky feelings of mild shame for inheriting some of his bad traits, and maybe a powerlessness about it. Seems kind of silly now, as mistaken beliefs do, but I think that was an important self-defining moment to work on.

    You gave me a gold mine of things to try. Might take me some time, but I'll report back. THANK YOU.

    Another approach to add into your list…

    Think back as far as you can, seeing your dad very angry and CT the feelings of how you felt when he was angry and swearing. Get it to a 1 or 0.