Reply To: Strategy for a drinking problem

Brian Tucker

    OK thank you for sharing more info about the PTSD related symptoms.

    I used to smoke heavily. This was prior to using the PSTEC stop smoking package. I am now a non-smoker and every day cigarettes become more disgusting to me. Nearly two years. Yes, it works.

    There are many forum members here that used to drink from moderate to heavy as a way to cope with pain – escape and avoid life's problems.

    Whether they want to admit they were alcoholics are not is not in the least bit important and completely unnecessary with PSTEC now even more so with Positive Quantum Turbo. What's important is that they no longer do. Many of them did not consciously quit, it simply went by the wayside as they improved their self-worth.

    You can try using these statements with PQT and see what result you get.

    Drinking was terrible for me now I've quit now
    I used to drink but now I'm over it now
    Drinking was useless now I'm done drinking now
    Alcohol would have killed me now I'm sober now
    I find better things to do now rather than drink now
    When I'm offered a drink now I always say no thanks now
    I forget why I drank now drinking is unimportant now
    I feel awesome now that I stopped drinking forever now