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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for your post.

    I suspect you are on the right track. To check whether a belief is gone, you can say it out loud once you have run the track.

    “Trying to believe it” is linked to the specific belief phrase you are blasting. You would only do this, of course, when getting rid of an unwanted belief.

    We all hold huge numbers of beliefs and many are extraordinarily helpful and contribute very positively to our everyday experience.

    For illustrative purposes, imagine someone identified the belief “I am a bad husband”

    Saying that phrase will feel very true and some people may even struggle to say those words out loud, as it may feel too painful.

    Pay attention to “how you know” the belief is true – there may be a feeling, “evidence” etc. It will feel or look very real.

    Yes, you can contrast this phrase with something like “I am a sandwich”, which will likely feel absolutely absurd and is highly unlikely to evoke any negative feelings.

    Simply put the belief phrase into the past tense (“I have/had been a bad husband”, “I was a bad husband” etc.)

    Then simply try hard to believe this while running the track.

    After running the track, check to see if it still feels true. It will either feel completely absurd or just neutral.

    For some people, this can be confusing, as they don't know if the belief is actually gone. It may not always be as obvious as running a CT, as there is no scaling with BBs – as you mentioned.

    As with many of the PSTEC tracks, there is a degree of subconscious post-processing involved and the tracks will continue to work on your mental landscape after you have finished the track.

    Ultimately, the results show up in real life and often in unexpected ways. Eliminating beliefs and conditioned emotions is akin to removing a huge weight.

    Many beliefs and emotions can contribute to a pattern, so the changes do compound as the layers are stripped away.

    One more thing:

    It's not an essential step by any means, but some peope could benefit from running counterexamples before playing Belief Blasters.

    If the evidence for “I was a bad husband”, for instance, was “my wife said so”…counterexamples might include:

    1) She was just angry and trying to start an argument
    2) She was being unreasonable
    3) She just hated some of my behaviour
    4) She was wrong or had unrealistic expectations at that time
    5) I wasn't being as good a husband to her at that time, but I was a good husband overall

    This helps soften rigid thinking and introduce other possibilities.

    You could do this for every belief, yet it is not a necessity.

    You certainly could also benefit greatly from running the opposite suggestion (or an artful alternative) via Quantum Turbo.

    I hope this helps, Truman.

    Please let me know if this is unclear or if you require any additional clarification.

    All the best,


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