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    hey guys i've just tried “women were fucking liars” to add a bit of subjectivity to it and while doing the 18 min BB a lot of emotions came up.

    but at the end the emotions related to the sentence were still there so I did a BB of 10 mins on it.

    the emotions were still there so I did a CT on it and they banished.

    my question is. is this going right or BB should do the work alone and i should not have to use CT to clean emotions related to BB tracks?


    As far as I know, all emotions stem from beliefs so theoretically clearing out the belief should be enough. However, in some cases emotions remain and CTing them is then necessary. I'm not sure why they linger, though. Clicktracks also change beliefs for the most part as well. The recommended approach is to CT and then work on beliefs related to the emotions. Reason for that is once the beliefs lose their charge, it's much easier to change them.

    In your particular case with your issue with women, I think matters are a bit complex. For example, if you believe women are liars and let's suppose even this is true, why are you caring so much about that? Do you not trust yourself enough to know that you will be perfectly OK no matter what? Do you imagine loving them unconditionally even when they lie? I would take here a bit more spiritual approach to your issue. You can have fun even when someone lies you know. Paradoxically, I think your issue with dissolve if you lighten up on it and express love.

    PS. Sorry you're not on TP anymore.