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Brian Tucker

    Another way to hit it is to remove the expectation that “others should be honest” also look at “people who loved me were dishonest” often times you can take a few similar beliefs out and collapse a larger structure.

    You can also CT the feelings that because you are honest (good, nice, giving, loving, caring etc) you are entitled for others to be equally honest and reciprocate. As you know you can never expect this from another person.

    Also did you do a round where you have a tantrum (in your mind) about 1.) how freaking tired you are of dealing with that issue. 2.) how freaking tired you are of worrying about that issue. 3.) How sick and tired you are about feeling the way you do. Use expletives, cry, really get into it as much as possible?

    I'm sure it has anger associated with it that could be holding it up.

    Also give a go on “women aren't reliable” “I can't rely on anyone” “people who loved me were unreliable”

    Also for sure CT Feelings that your parents/caretaker were unreliable in meeting your needs, other people are unreliable in general and also relationships are unreliable.

    The only thing that is reliable is your Self! :)