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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Perica,

    Thanks for your post.

    Further to what Brian wrote, you can also make use of the Belief Blasters to resolve this issue. There are numerous pathways you can take with this.

    There is also some good discussion of the issue here:

    I recommend that you:

    Go back to your very earliest life experiences. In many cases, stuttering presents itself as a by-product of stress, fear or trauma.

    If you were ever bullied, shamed or punished as a child, you may wish to look at these instances and run them through the CT. I recommend that you really  focus on these aspects.

    Also, target typical situations where stuttering would be particularly intense. Perhaps this is linked to the negative appraisals of others. As you can speak without stuttering when people aren't around, this may be a manifestation of social anxiety.

    As with Brian's suggestions, really stick with this, Perica. You'll get there, I'm sure.

    You can see if the following beliefs resonate with you (say them out loud) and blast the ones that do resonate:

    “I was not a fluent speaker”
    “Everyone thought less of me”
    “I was not safe in this world”
    “I was not OK”
    “I was not safe to say what I needed to say”
    “If I said the wrong thing, people hurt me”
    “There was something wrong with me”
    “Stuttering was bad”
    “Mistakes were bad”
    “People were not trustworthy”
    “People were always out to get me”

    Please keep the thread updated with your progress and with any questions you may have.

    All the best,

    Paul  :D

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