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Brian Tucker

    You can also get down to the beliefs such as…

    I'm not funny
    I'm not a funny person
    I'm boring
    I'm a boring person
    I'm not exciting
    I'm unexciting
    I'm not an exciting person
    I'm not fun
    I'm no fun
    I'm not a fun person


    Another example of this is the belief that you must “do” or “be” something (good, nice, generous etc.) to get what you want – approval, acceptance, needs met etc. So of course people subconsciously attempt to behave in such a way to get their needs met. This is of course completely a false mask or a false sense of self.

    We are good nice, etc just as we are but we don't believe we are good, nice etc just as we are. One could clicktrack this behavior and/or belief blast corresponding beliefs.

    A wonderful suggestion for PQT is “I'm now just as I am now