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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for your update and apologies for the late reply.

    Your father has definitely given you aome additional material you could address. You could work with what you have now been told, or run an Accelerator tapping track to see if you could evoke any more memories of your early interactions with your father.

    I have found that a very effective way is to try to look at this through the eyes of a child. If you were beaten back then, what conclusions would you have been making about yourself, your father and the world?

    When physical punishment is meted out to children, various beliefs around safety can be formed and these will vary (depending on the context):

    “I'm not safe in this world”
    “It's not OK to disagree with those in authority”
    “I'm a bad person”
    “What makes me safe is doing what others want”
    “I'm powerless”
    “I'm a nuisance”
    “I'm annoying”
    “The world is a dangerous place”
    “I'm not OK”
    “Dad doesn't approve of me”

    Those are some possible beliefs you may wish to test out, and you may find others.

    All the best,

    Paul  :)

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