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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Carfy,

    Thanks for posting.

    There are a couple of things you can try here and, in my experience, all the PSTEC tools can work synergistically. It may transpire that, in this particular case, you can use the other tools to produce a greater result with No More Anger.

    In this case, you might choose to evoke the anger when thinking of the following:

    – “Nothing works for me”
    – “I've wasted my time”
    – “I'm stuck”
    – “Things will never get better”

    Those are a mixture of beliefs, expectations and assessments

    Try saying these out loud and see if any negative emotions crop up.

    There may be a mixture of emotions. You could CT the “mixture”, or you could see whether there is a dominant emotion (e.g. anger) that you could neutralise first. It's a matter of choice and some experimentation, really.

    Rate this from 0-10.

    You could write each of the statements on a piece of paper and, whilst looking at this periodically and cycling through the statements during the CT. round, run the Free CT.

    This differs slightly from the instructions and is an experimental/modified use of the CTs.

    You can, of course, also directly CT the anger. You can CT the anger you feel with family members eating loudly. You can also do this for the other instances where you feel triggered.

    In my experience, however, this would tend to just be an “anger context.” To really get to the root cause of anger, you may wish to look at your personal history.

    Go WAY back. In many instances, the stuff that seems irrelevant or where you can casually say “I'm over that!” (as you've rationalised it) is the precise cause. I can't even begin to underline the value in this.

    Were you ever bullied?

    Did you experience any sort of abuse?

    Did you ever have the sense you were harshly treated, abandoned or cast aside?

    Did you ever lose any friends, pets or loved ones when you were younger?

    What is your relationship like with your parents now and what was it like when you were younger?

    Did you ever experience any problems in relationships (break-ups, infidelity)?

    Were you ever accused of or punished for something you didn't do?

    Some, none or all of these may apply, Carfy, but those tend to be the cause of a lot of anger (if stuffed away or left unresolved) and, indeed, social anxiety. If you locate the specific events from your personal history, and CT those down to 0 or 1, you might well find that the little things just disappear too.

    You may also look at this from the belief perspective. Beliefs like “I'm powerless” tend to create anger. There will be others.

    Using the Belief Blasters is, for my money, the easiest method for eliminating the beliefs that feed an unwanted pattern –

    Please keep the thread updated and let us know how you get on.

    All the best,

    Paul  :)

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