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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Tony,

    You're welcome.

    I am glad you are already getting results.

    The only principles with Belief Blasters are:

    – Use simple beliefs
    – Put ALL parts of the belief sentence into the past tense
    – Try HARD to believe the belief while running the track
    – You can mouth the words of the past-tense belief while the track plays

    For the past tense, any variation is fine. For example, if the belief was “I am not good enough”, that could be “I was not good enough” or “I had not been good enough.” There are other possibilities. Go with what is natural for you. It will work.

    Specifically, though, the only “corrections” I'd make with the sentences you used are:

    “Women wanted men who were better endowed than me”
    “If I didn't look good naked, I'd have been rejected”

    For the second belief, I'd also recommend considering this question:

    What would happen if you truly didn't satisfy your partner?

    Sit with that one and see if any feelings or thoughts spring up.

    You may have another belief about being abandoned – this is quite a common concept in this day and age. “If I don't do/have/be X, people will leave me”

    Thanks again, Tony.

    Paul  :)

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