Reply To: Past lives discussion

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    When someone comes to me, it's not about “where” the memory or issues originated.  None of that matters, although the person's perception of where it came from can be helpful.  But, as to its “legitimacy;” doesn't matter.

    What matters is that we correct the errors of their mind that keep their wonderful True Self ignored and unable to express in this world.

    So, the short answer to your question and subject is to treat that “past life” memory, just like any other memory.

    Focus on the scenario like a memory, TRY HARD to feel the negative feeling and then tap to the clicks and tones until down to 0-1.

    Here's the longer answer with some context…

    There are two sources of mind available to you.

    One is an immature state of mind that took the various forms of input … what you were told, what you experienced, etc. … Let's call it the human mind (this can also be called ego, animal nature, etc.; but it doesn't matter what you call it.).

    The other is your True Self (it's a Divine Nature; some call it God, Spirit, etc.; it's an infinite part of your mind; again, call it what you like; doesn't matter). We, as humans, of course, are just beginning to explore this more deeply and naturally, as beginners, much is unknown.

    What we do know is that there is a part of your mind that knows what is Ideal for yourself and others involved. There is even a shared consciousness of some type.

    Our problem?
    We don't listen because we are focused on our human mind and all the conclusions our individual minds developed … manufactured … at that immature level; i.e. 'I was told so many times I was worthless that I believed it' … or … 'I tried to be successful many times, but never could do it so I figured it was just not meant to be and why bother.'

    So, these memories or past life events … are they real or illusory?
    What about memories that we know we experienced in this physical life?
    I claim they are illusory in terms of not actually existing in the present.  Notice how two people in the same location and time have two different perspectives of an event.  The memory is your perspective of the event… it's an illusion when it comes to actual Truth because it's skewed with your Mind Model … your point of view.

    When we work with PSTEC we are working with your perspective… with your own personal illusion.  Don't take this like a personal assault because we all have illusory perspectives.

    For example, look at how you feel about a memory.  Then Click Track it.  Once it's down to 0-1, now look at how you feel about that memory.  Notice the change in how you feel and what you see.
    Do you notice that?
    See the difference?
    That shift of perspective shows how our view of ourselves and the world is illusory; very flexible and changeable.
    Which, yes, is a good thing!!!
    A powerful aspect of our life here!

    So, keep in mind my Rule #1:

    If it's not JEEP, Click Track it.

    So, if you have a thought about… using one of your examples …

    “One day I was caught by the guards. They cut off both of my hands. I survived that, but gradually starved to death, a worthless grotesque, frightening mess.”

    Take that and apply the Click Tracks to the non-JEEP feelings you have about that.
    Focus on that memory/imagined events… TRY HARD to feel the feeling … tap to the clicks and tones until it's down to 0-1.

    After it's 0-1, take another look at the memory … what are your thoughts about it?
    Look at your new perception toward the people, places and things from the memory.
    Be open to the shift in perception!

    If other memories come up, CT those!

    I worked with someone quite a while ago who had a vision in their mind … a past life memory … that she was a slave in ancient Egyptian times; lash on her back, carrying large stones, etc.  She felt despair and fear; CT'd those down to 0-1.
    Then, another memory came up about her being of royalty during that same time period forcing others to do her bidding.  She felt very guilty and sad.  CT'd those down to 0-1.

    Interesting, yah?  Both sides of the issue … victim and victimizer!

    When we went back to the original issue or memory she had, that too had gone down to 0-1.
    So, what is the connection… why did that happen?
    Those are questions I am not interested in.  I am only interested in clearing and cleaning her mind of the human errors in thinking.
    You see?

    I also shared an example in Click Tracks Made Simple of an image that occurred for someone during a session.  The “evil clown.”
    Where did that come from?
    It does not matter.
    All that matters is that we clean and clear anything that gets in the way of the person paying attention to their True Self and allowing their magnificence to shine through in this physical world.

    Make sense?


    If thoughts come up, such as some of the bullet list you provided, address those with Belief Blasters and PSTEC Positive to shift those perceptions.
    Look at this sample of the belief list you provided:

    *Fear of rich people
    *The need to hide/be unseen/stay in the shadows
    *Need to run away
    *Hatred of very attractive women

    Are those beliefs limiting your perception?
    Do they keep you from taking advantage of opportunities that would encourage JEEP feelings?
    Do you see how these will keep you stuck?

    Address those, as I said, with belief changing tools from PSTEC.
    I won't go into detail here, but delve more deeply with the PSTEC Tools to find out how to do that.

    Be the observer and just watch what comes up no matter your or anyone else’s opinion of the validity.  Just CT the feelings and memories and shift beliefs and perceptions all in the journey … part of the way … of discovering your True Self!