Reply To: Past lives discussion


    Dear Jeff,

    Wow. that was very helpful and thought-provoking input! Thank you so much for your time and response.

    As well as the very useful explanations and examples, the parts that really stuck out for me were:

    But, as to its “legitimacy;” doesn't matter.

    What matters is that we correct the errors of their mind that keep their wonderful True Self ignored and unable to express in this world.

    I am only interested in clearing and cleaning [the] mind of the human errors in thinking.

    All that matters is that we clean and clear anything that gets in the way of the person paying attention to their True Self and allowing their magnificence to shine through in this physical world.

    Be the observer and just watch what comes up no matter your or anyone else’s opinion of the validity.  Just CT the feelings and memories and shift beliefs and perceptions all in the journey … part of the way … of discovering your True Self!

    I really sincerely appreciate you taking the time to answer – even just reading your post I felt a little lighter about things, just the idea that I can manage those “memories” just the same.

    In fact, it's taken this long to respond because I had to read and re-read your post several times, I got a lot from it… and I haven't even gone through the CT and BB suggestions yet.

    Once I have, I will update the thread again.

    With many thanks and warm regards,