Reply To: Past lives discussion

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You are always welcome!

    “I can manage those “memories”

    You don't manage the memories, per se, but you do manage how you respond to the memories.
    THAT is what you can manage.

    How you respond is created by your own personal mind at the subconscious level of your mind … how you respond IS yours.  You own it and control it.

    And, keep in mind, how you respond is just an idea… just a concept.
    It's not something set in stone or even made of stone or any other physical or immovable material.
    It's just an idea that can be changed.

    It can be challenging as the subconscious defends its position… it's idea … but if you persist, it will relent.

    So, as you persist, keep those thoughts in mind as you are shaping … mentoring … teaching your subconscious another way of thought … another way of BEing.
    And, persist as you would teaching a little one … with patience, Love and consistency.

    Know that you will be successful in teaching this young mind how to BE for its Highest Good.  Be congruent and do not be swayed… be firm but gentle.