Reply To: Overcompensation


    hey paul. thank you for answering.

    to be more precise i overcompensate a lot around people whom i want something from them (i.e. sex or dates from women) or i percieve as higher status than me (i.e. hot women or men whom i percieve to be better than i am).

    when i percieve people as lower or equal status than me i don't have the triggers that makes me want to be more than i am for others.

    i end up over thinking and investing a lot for women, which makes them don't answer me or avoid me when they used to show interest. and i end up feeling resentment towards them for showing interest and then taking it back.

    the only way to get what i want from women is by being very manipulative in the way that i invest with them. i think carefully how much investment i will give to them so they don't dissappear as they always do. this leads me to some success, but when i decide to drop the mask and i invest the way i would really do, they dissappear.

    women banishing only reinforces my defense mechanism that makes me avoid and consciously invest really low in them to get them around me.