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Daniel Wynn


    I have been working on anxiety for months but with little change. I see great results for some days and then later I realize this anxiety its still there. May you please give me suggestions on how I can eliminate this anxiety once and for all with BB and PQT.

    Sometime I wake up i the morning with my heart beating faster for no apparent reason.

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi Adam

    As somebody who has also had issues with anxiety I would like to tell you from my personal experience things do get better. Sometimes changes occur and we dont even realise it. I think a lot of times we have been accustomed to look for things being dramatic. Some BIG change that will change the path of your world in an instant. I cant say if its possible to have an entire change in an instant. What I can say is, this has and hasn't occured in my path to healing. I have had dramatic changes happen, and very subtle changes happen, but in my opinion it has been the subtle changes that have had the biggest impact. Ironically. So when you feel down like you do at the moment, just realise it and carry on doing the work, because it will benefit you (you will notice the results later on if you dont in this present moment.)

    Here is something I will say that might bring agitation, or maybe not. The world is always changing, and with that change around us we are presented with newer situations. So I feel like for me I will never be done, this will never end. I will always have to adapt to new situation in my life, and luckily I have tools to help with those changes. I would also look at other areas in your life to bring more joy and peace. Pstec is a cog in a bigger wheel. So maybe look at other areas to incorporate more peace into your life along with the therapy work. Maybe try to improve your diet, or maybe take up a new sport/hobby to bring more joy into your life. See pstec is a tool to help change your certain cirumstances for the better, and you should also be enjoying your life when your not doing the therapy work.

    With all that being said I would suggest you look at making pstec as effective as possible. Do you have the accelerators? Craft some pstec possitive suggestions around being successful with pstec, and run them morning and night for a few days. I have recently adopted the idea of writing out a postive suggestion in a big sheet of paper and sticking it on the wall, and to really hammer it home I run it through pstec positive every morning and night.

    I would also suggest tapping away any fear of change. Anything that comes up just click track it right down. What is anxiety doing for your now? Really think about it, because your sub has kept it around thinking its useful to you so you got to rework that because it isnt.

    Any questions just fire away.

    Keep at it though. I am still very much working through issues, but I have had some profound changes in my life. It has from my experience all been from consistent work, and just keeping at it until I find resolution. I still get bad days like everybody else, its what you do with that that counts.

    Keep at it, we are rooting for you ??