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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Adam,

    Firstly, I would like to thank Clearingman for an outstanding response – honest, clear and on-point. I really appreciate it.

    When you mention anxiety, Adam, is it more of a generalised anxiety or is it particularly triggered by any thoughts, events or does it show up in specific contexts?

    It would be useful to know more about the anxiety and how, when and where it shows up for you.

    If it is generalised anxiety, I recommend making No More Anxiety ( part of your daily listening diet.

    There are SO many effective ways to resolve anxiety with PSTEC.

    I would typically suggest starting with the Click Tracks while thinking of the times/contexts where you feel the anxiety. As Clearingman mentioned, every piece of work you do will make the difference. It may be profound, or may take a while longer to filter into your awareness.

    Click Tracking “in the moment” can also be highly effective. So, even if it doesn't feel natural for you to use the tracks in those moments, those are often the optimum times to use them. It will chip away the proverbial block of anxiety.

    I would need to do know more about the anxiety before offering specific beliefs and suggestions. However, in general, these have proved very beneficial in private client work:


    “I was an anxious person”
    “Anxiety was always going to be part of me”
    “It was not safe to get rid of anxiety”
    “I was not safe in this world”


    “No matter how I felt before, it is safe to feel OK now”
    “All anxiety is gone now, as I relax completely now”
    “It is absolutely safe for me to feel safe now”
    “I have always been bigger than any emotion I once felt”
    “It makes absolute sense to feel at ease when I wake up now”

    I hope that helps, Adam.

    Best Regards,

    Paul  :)

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