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Tomas Zobal

    Hi Paul

    Thank you for your answer. Great clarification as always.

    Basically, if the statement FEELS to me like it is in the past, it doesn't matter so much what tense (grammatically speaking) I use.

    Expectation-style beliefs, such as “I will never get what I want”, do lend themselves more naturally to PSTEC Negative – from a linguistic point of view. You may wish to run those through PSTEC Negative.

    They will still work with Belief Blasters (“I would never have gotten what I wanted”), so you have a choice how you wish to proceed.

    The expectation-style beliefs are built from existing beliefs. If someone had a belief like “I will never be happy”, that is probably linked to beliefs like “life is unfair”, “I'm an unhappy person”, “I'm doomed” etc.

    Look for the “why” that feeds into each of the expectation beliefs and you will find so many core beliefs.

    “I would never have gotten what I wanted” doesn't sound very authentic to me. It's kind of cumbersome, I can't really connect to it. I much prefer the approach of finding the “why” feeding into each expectation belief.

    Thank you again for always being so helpful.