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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Shane,

    Thanks for posting.

    I know that PDF guides have been requested in the past. However, with PSTEC, so much of the benefits are derived from the listening experience.

    I like having documentation too, as it is another learning resource, so I do appreciate the request.

    It would be quite tricky with Peak Performance, though, as the instructions are actually part of the overall package and are embedded with certain suggestions that might lose their effectiveness in written form. So, these need to be absorbed periodically as part of the protocol.

    Even if you zone out once in a while, there will be a part of your mind that absorbs the instructions.

    Pro-tip, though: this has not been mentioned elsewhere, as far as I'm aware, but you may benefit from playing the instructions at a faster speed. There are many free apps and programs that allow you to adjust the playback speed- VLC, Podcast Addict etc.

    You might wish to play the track instructions at 2.0x speed. This will, I suspect, sound sufficiently novel to you, so as to engage your attention. You will also be able to pick up the essential information.

    Of course, only do this with the instructions or tutorials (and not the PSTEC tools), if it is effective for you.

    The best way to use the package is for a big upcoming event – interview, sporting event, public speaking engagement etc.

    With this package, you anchor yourself to a peak state and follow Tim's suggestions.

    You are required to use all tracks (instructions, PP CT, PP Loop, Hypnosis track) regularly and proportionally, as they work synergistically.

    As for PDF guides, in general, would you like a transcript of the instructions or a standalone guide (like the one included with PSTEC Negative)?

    I look forward to your reply and hope what I did suggest proves helpful.

    All the best,


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